Founded in 2002, RAHAB is a non-profit Christian ministry of volunteers devoted to rescuing and restoring women who are trafficked into prostitution in Akron, Ohio.  

RAHAB Ministries grew out of a heart to serve the most broken-hearted people in our community.  In 2002, RAHAB founder and Akron native Becky Moreland was searching for a local ministry where she could serve Jesus – but nothing seemed to fit.  Christ had redeemed her life from the brink of disaster, so she longed to serve those in deepest need.  When Becky heard a radio program featuring a ministry to prostituted women in Chicago, she knew she had heard her call.

Restore. Rahab Ministries.

Becky was on the next bus to Chicago, where she shadowed that ministry leader.  She returned to Akron and approached her church leadership about starting a local ministry to women on the streets.  Within minutes after getting the blessing from her church, a women who had been prostituted stumbled into the church foyer and RAHAB began.  Since that day, RAHAB has been a constant presence on the streets of Akron, Ohio, providing hope in Christ to broken women

Today, RAHAB operates out of a drop-in center located perfectly in inner-city Akron.  The center provides a warm, safe place for weekly Bible studies, mentoring, family-style meals and a clothing closet.  The ministry is supported by a working Board of Directors and extensive volunteer and donor networks.

Behind the Name
In the Bible, a prostitute named Rahab became the unexpected recipient of salvation.  When Israelite spies entered the city of Jericho, she protected them from capture because she believed they worshipped the one, true God.  In return for her kindness, she asked that her family be spared from the impending invasion.  A scarlet cord, displayed in her window, signified their agreement and set her apart; on the day of battle, she was saved.  She and her family were then adopted by the Israelites and stayed with them.

The “scarlet cord” of hope that RAHAB Ministries extends is the safe haven of Jesus, along with our transitional assistance and support.  Our vision is to guide each woman from a place of deep pain and desperation into a place where they recognize their worth as daughters of The King.

RAHAB stands for “Reaching Above Hopelessness and Brokenness.”  Our goal is to guide women from a place of deep pain and desperation into a place where they recognize their worth as daughters of the Almighty King.

Corporate Sponsors

If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact us at believe@rahab-ministries.org and we'll send you details.