RAHAB is fueled by an army of volunteers who give of themselves to see broken women set free.

There are plenty of ways to get plugged into RAHAB Ministries as a volunteer. Some volunteers work directly with the women, while others serve behind the scenes by preparing food, organizing fundraisers or collecting donations. The most important prerequisite for aspiring volunteers is a healthy personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Volunteering in the area of human trafficking must come from an overflow of personal devotion and prayer time. A compassionate heart is a great starting point, but we like our volunteers to go a step further by attending a volunteer orientation, which are held monthly. Street culture is radically different from what most of us are accustomed; we can be best equipped to serve our women by taking time to understand the issues that affect their lives. Volunteers must be Christians whose lives demonstrate a commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

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Pen Pal
Develop a mentoring/discipling relationship by consistently writing to women in jail.
Street Ministry/Strip Club Outreach
Weekly street evangelism/ministry in east Akron. Monthly sweep of all Akron-area strip clubs to create relationships with the dancers by bringing gifts bags, baked goods and prayer.
RAHAB Drop-In Center
Prepare and serve meals at weekly program. Supporting/facilitating Bible studies and prayer times.
Correctional Facility
Bring the light of Jesus into local correctional facilities through mentoring, fellowship and Bible studies. (Requires background check and federal clearance.)
Mentoring (Youth/Adult)
Commit to spending time every week with a minor or adult victim of human trafficking to build a relationship that points them toward Christ.
Safe House
Serving in various ways at our residential program for victims of human trafficking. (Requires background check and alternate application.)