The long red hair and freckles that made Angel so cute as a child became fuel for bullying by her adolescent peers.


A victim of molestation and abuse at age 4, Semadar was introduced as a pre-teen.


RAHAB Ministries is in the business of rescue. Rescue is dangerous, it is difficult, it is messy, and it is the heartbeat of God. We love what RAHAB does and love being a part of a ministry that goes right where Jesus went, in His name, for His glory.”

Pastor Joe Coffey
Christ Community Chapel




I bless the day that Becky Moreland started RAHAB Ministries, showing the Greater Akron area that no one is beyond God’s reach.  The testimonies from scores of broken ladies who are now helping others show that miracles still happen.”

Pastor Mark Ford
Executive Director- Love Akron Network