Greg Colbeck
Director of Operations

Becky invited me to apply for the position back in January of 2014. I feel called to simply push the plow; to work hard to drive this amazing ministry forward. By accepting that there is no strictly defined job description for me I’ve been able to assume responsibility for all areas of the ministry.


I think it was the sheer shock that drew me into serving victims of human trafficking. The fact that it is such a rampant issue in our society, yet no one really seems to know was enough for me to feel a responsibility. People often ask how someone can work in such close proximity with this heart wrenching trauma day in and day out. The secret is having a close relationship with Jesus and trusting what He is doing through you in the hearts of those you serve. Stories of hope will always revitalized an exhausted heart.

Beth Speer

My name is Beth Speer and I’m the administrative assistant for Rahab.  I take care of some of the finances for Rahab: managing donations, paying the bills, handling payroll, and keeping records.  I also help coordinate events, answer the phone, and manage our pen pal ministry.  While I don’t often work directly with the women we serve, I feel that God has equipped me for this position with a background in teaching, working with emotionally disturbed children, and several years in an accounting office.  


I frequently make deliveries of donations to the Rahab House, and I see how loved the women feel to receive the free gifts of clothing, personal care products, food, and the opportunity to learn about Christ’s love for them.   I feel blessed to work “behind the scenes” to support this wonderful ministry!

Emily Schott
Minor Mentor Coordinator

Hi, I’m Emily! I am the Mentor Coordinator for the minor human trafficking victims. My job, as a mentor, is to spiritually walk alongside these individuals to show them they are loved. We do fun activities they enjoy to help them find their identity and to show them how to build meaningful relationships. After seeing the redemption that Christ has done in my own life, I was driven to share that love and joy with women who have never experienced it.  Seeing His ability to restore and transform is what drives me to show women the value God places in them as His daughters.


Honestly, I am humbled everyday at the joy I experience in the small achievements and accomplishments the Lord does in the mentees lives. I thank the Lord that He lets me love these kids. Each day is inspiring because I constantly am seeing the fruit of the seeds the Lord is planting!

Halle Kelly
Case Worker

I am a mentor for the juvenile human trafficking victims. My role is to spend time with these girls and love them unconditionally while displaying the Gospel to them.  I take them out to do activities and give them a chance to relax and realize their true value and freedom in Christ. No specific experience led me to work with human trafficking victims, it was just a calling God put on my heart and I followed.  I am glad that I did! Overall, I think knowing that I can be someone these girls go to is life changing. As a mentor, sometimes I am the only person these girls can go to and trust, knowing that they trust me means that I have done a good job at showing them love and building a relationship with them. My hope is that they see that I am able to love them because I have Christ in me and he first loved me. If I can be the one person who shows them love when no one else does, then I believe I have succeeded.

LeAnn Embaugh
Volunteer Coordinator

My name is LeAnn Embaugh and I am the Coordinator for the Rahab House and our Rahab volunteers. I help care for women who come to our drop-in center which is affectionately known as the Rahab House. 


My desire is for the house to be well maintained physically and filled with God’s love.  I also have the joy of helping our amazing Rahab volunteers to see what part of the ministry God is calling them to whether they are a new volunteer or a long term volunteer.


God gave me a heart of compassion for women. He stirred my heart for women who had been trafficked. After much prayer, I saw this opportunity and everything inside of me said this is it! This is the ministry God has for me.