Semadar describes her former self as “a women full of rage who wanted everyone else to be as miserable as she was.” She was a victim of molestation and abuse from the age of 4, and was introduced to drugs before she reached her teens. Having never experienced a safe or loving relationship, she was trapped in the pain of abuse and abandonment. No one was investing in her or teaching her what a healthy path looked like. Semadar found herself in one abusive relationship after another. Drugs numbed her pain temporarily, but as her addictions deepened, so did her wounds. Eventually her lifestyle ended in the loss of everything – her job, her home and her children.


Semadar’s story is the story of trafficking. And her story is also the story of the hope that comes through rescue.


While in a lockdown facility, Semadar was introduced to RAHAB Ministries. When she received “the best hug of her life” from one of the RAHAB volunteers, Semadar broke down in tears. Imagine receiving, maybe for the first time in your life, a touch with no expectation of a “trick” or return payment to support an unwanted addiction. The volunteer, who was only pouring out the love and affection of her Heavenly Father, put a mustard seed in her hand and prayed for her to have a seed of faith that there could be change in her life.

Once released from jail, Semadar went straight to the RAHAB House, asking for prayer because she was fearful of returning to her old life. The RAHAB House became her safe haven, the place she felt the love and presence of Jesus. In 2009, she accepted Christ and was truly delivered from all her bondage. Today, she is a university student studying social work, who spends hours encouraging the new women coming to RAHAB.

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