20th Anniversary Event Sponsorships

Thank you for joining the journey!
       If you look around any of RAHAB’s outreach locations, you’ll find a “Joy Jar.” Joy Jars have been used over our years of ministry to celebrate moments of victory, hope, and growth. Both the big and the small wins. We invite all staff members, volunteers, and the women and children we serve to write down these moments on small pieces of paper and place them in the jars to celebrate these achievements. Each jar is a beautiful collection of testimonies showcasing God’s faithfulness in all things.
     One after another, these stepping stones are a journey toward healing — but it’s not a path that vulnerable women and children take alone. RAHAB walks with them, encouraging them along the way. Serving in the highs and the lows, thousands of Joy Jar Moments are in the making until true restoration comes — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We meet them where they are — no judgment, no disgrace, just truth and love — and guide them toward the joy and freedom found in Jesus Christ. 
     But this is only possible because of hundreds of individuals and organizations like you. Over the last 20 years, your generous support has provided thousands of opportunities for Joy Jar Moments to happen. You have helped build the stepping stones on this journey to healing. As we celebrate 20 years of ministry, we invite you to join us at our celebration event — an immersive art and performance experience highlighting the path from brokenness to healing that we see in so many we serve. 
Will you become a sponsor? 
     Today, your generous sponsorship will help us continue this work and continue to cultivate Joy Jar Moments for many more exploited women and children.