Rebecca’s Place is grateful for local nonprofit LovelikeAfton!

LovelikeAfton, which is dedicated to helping others wherever the need may be, is coming alongside our juvenile safe home to bless our residents. 

Krissy and Doug, the founders, named the organization after their precious son, Afton. After Afton passed away at the age of 7, they wanted to do something tangible to continue his legacy of kindness and love.

Krissy learned about RAHAB Ministries through a friend and speakers at her church, and she wanted to help: 

“I felt this tug at my heart that through LovelikeAfton it was time to help. I was reading my Bible one morning, asking God to lead me in a direction where I could help children. I realized RAHAB was my next journey.

This month, Krissy will be spending an evening at Rebecca’s Place creating a game night for the children there. They will have dinner, cupcakes, and activities! She hopes to let the girls know that they are truly loved … that there is hope. 

“I want them to just know I’m not trying to fix their hurt or anger,” she said. “I’m there to listen, be a friend, pray with them, and, most importantly, have fun!”

At RAHAB, we are so thankful for people like Krissy and Doug. Friends who are willing to freely give their love, time, energy, prayers, and financial contributions to RAHAB and the vulnerable individuals we serve help us show more women and children the freedom of a life lived with Jesus. 

He is breaking chains, and we are so humbled to be on this journey with Him — and with you!

What is God doing at Rebecca’s Place? Take a look!

This video gives you a unique vantage point into our trauma-informed care facility for young survivors. First and foremost, it’s a safe home, abounding in God’s grace, where volunteers and staff do everyday life with girls who are experiencing holistic love and healing and walking the path to purpose.

See how God is stringing lives together for His glory here!

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month … 

And RAHAB knows the importance of people and communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect.

A CDC-Kaiser Permanente ACE Study (“ACE” = Adverse Childhood Experiences) is one of the largest investigations of childhood abuse and neglect and household challenges as an indicator of later-life health and well-being. 

Those challenges can include substance abuse in the home, parents with untreated mental illness, family members who are incarcerated, parents who are abusive to each other, emotional abuse, divorce, and others.

    Two ACE factors we narrow in on in the subject matter of sex trafficking are emotional neglect and sexual abuse, and therefore:

    1. When a child doesn’t have emotional needs met, traffickers can manipulate that void for their benefit. 
    2. Childhood sexual abuse is a breeding ground for traffickers. 
    3. Children who have suffered abuse learn the wrong things — that their bodies are not your own and that no doesn’t mean no

    The most vulnerable children in our own neighborhoods need our help. 

    Through your partnership and generosity, RAHAB is working to advocate for those children, raise awareness about abuse and neglect, and minister to families with a grace-based and holistic approach. Thank you for helping make these relationships and efforts possible!

    We live in a day and age that simply lacks substance. Our real lives have been hollowed out by a constant pursuit of virtual, superficial fronts … selfish success. 

    Where is the faith of the pilgrim? 
    Where is the courage of the pioneer? 

    Yet in this world void of value, there are a few who swim against the cultural current. 

    There are humble people who choose to care more about the one sitting in front of them than the millions who might be interested in hearing about it. These are gritty people who deeply understand that real change comes from committing to the thankless hard work day in and day out. 

    Meet Jaime Blair — a leader worth following. 

    It would be impossible to create an exhaustive list of the ways Jaime has impacted the unique families that make up our community through her role as Magistrate of Restore Court at Summit County Juvenile Court. 

    It’s hard to even put into words all the ways she has impacted RAHAB Ministries. Jaime has:  

    • Volunteered with RAHAB’s outreaches…
    • Served with RAHAB’s Board of Directors…
    • Engaged women right in the midst of their brokenness …
    • Freely given her hard-earned experience toward thousands of passionate people through RAHAB Essentials Training…
    • And more.

    RAHAB is forever grateful for Jaime Blair, but we suspect she’d rather direct your attention to the source of her strength: Jesus Christ. He is the Pilgrim. He is the Pioneer. 

    As Jaime makes a significant career transition, RAHAB Ministries cheers her on as she continues to model the one true Leader worth following — Jesus.