Because of your generosity and support, 60 women — whom we met through our Drop-In Centers — were able to attend a Friday-to-Sunday retreat! 

They experienced powerful worship, time in God’s Word, strengthened relationships, and outdoor activities.

Stephanie Zufall works with these women at our Centers and was in attendance at the retreat … her powerful testimony about a special time of worship from that weekend:    

Sunday Morning Worship

I’ll never comprehend it, nor do I want to. I just want to wallow in it for eternity, caught up in the awe and wonder of who HE is!! 

This kind of worship. The kind that doesn’t make sense. The kind in the burning fire where death stares us in the face, and yet we don’t shrink back from declaring HIS majesty, glory, and power! 

I’ve only held pieces of their stories, short snippets of their pain. I’ve only felt a droplet of the barrels of disappointment that have cascaded over their lives.      Unimaginable pain. And yet, they rise.    

They rise into daughters who trust their Father — singing, dancing, spinning, clapping, and stomping. All the while, their child is six feet under; 

their arms are marked with tracks of counterfeit relief; their bodies are physically distorted from the hand of another; their grief is so present it can fill the room.

And yet, they rise. 

The world and their circumstances have given them every reason to stick a middle finger up to heaven and walk away. Yet, here they are before Him: bare, open, desperately seeking His face. 

It doesn’t make sense. 

Only Jesus can evoke this kind of worship! Only Jesus can turn that kind of pain into praise. Our stories demand our heads to hang and arms to guard — yet still our faces shine without a shadow of shame while we reach high and cling to His robe! 

We’ve stood in the fire; we’ve watched it all burn away. We’ve been left with ashes that only HE can turn into the most beautiful praise. 

Thank you for providing this opportunity for deep, restorative time with Jesus available to so many women!

One thing we know for sure here at RAHAB is that Jesus meets us right where we are, and He offers beauty for ashes.  

This truth was made evident recently when we met our friend Moniqua* through our Jail Ministry.

Moniqua was struggling with some of the circumstances and interactions around her.      Through a jail visit from Diane, Moniqua was reminded that challenging situations are an opportunity to be salt and light in the world — to spread goodness and Christ’s love to the people around her.

The following week, Moniqua was excited to share how she had the opportunity to pray with another woman in the jail. Upon the woman’s release, she hugged Moniqua and told her that she had brought her so much joy during their brief time together. Salt and light!  

Moniqua expressed how much that hug meant to her, and how the interaction deepened her understanding of how the Lord can — and will — use us in the lives of others.

Moniqua continued to allow God to use her as she reached across the barrier of broken relationship — one with her mother — to send her flowers for Mother’s Day. Though she doesn’t expect the gesture to heal all wounds between them, she hopes it will be the first step in restoring their relationship.

Please join us in praying for Moniqua as she witnesses God’s incredible power to make all things new … and continue to pray for our Jail Ministry as we share the hope and love of Christ with the vulnerable.

*Name changed to protect privacy

RAHAB strives to go to the places Jesus would go. Volunteers live the Truth and Love of Christ in the spaces where a trafficked woman could be. Watch this quick video to learn more about our Jail Ministry outreach.

Together, we are piercing the darkness and making a real difference in the lives of women.

We recently came to you with a sizable ask: to consider contributing to an immediate need for a mid-sized vehicle for a participant in The Oaks, RAHAB’s transitional housing program.

Today, we are celebrating with a huge “THANK YOU!” We received a donated vehicle that will work perfectly for our friend who needed it, and she is incredibly grateful! Reliable transportation is key to success for women transitioning to independent living.

However, the story doesn’t end there. God always provides … abundantly, and in ways, we could never imagine! Shortly after the first vehicle was donated, we received a second call offering another donated car — and the very next day, we learned of an additional friend, from a different area of programming, who had an immediate need for a vehicle!

We are constantly amazed at God’s perfect timing and your willingness to be obedient when He speaks. Together, we are taking important steps to eradicate sex trafficking and provide women the tools they need for a brighter future!

RAHAB Ministries is an official partner with the Akron Marathon, which means you can:

  • Run for RAHAB yourself,
  • Form a running team,
  • Donate to RAHAB,
  • Or encourage others to run!

All funds raised through will be used to continue all our programs and outreaches to the women and children we serve. 

To register, donate to the cause, or find out additional details, click here! 

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