One of the most beautiful concepts of the church to me has always been the idea of “the body.” It’s amazing to think about the ways we were created in the image of God to do His work.

The Church Body

We were all given different talents and each gift is beautifully unique. Woven all throughout scripture, we see two commands as believers: to love our Father and love one another. One of the greatest joys at RAHAB Ministries, is that as “the church,” we together can love others well and give what we have of ourselves for the Kingdom, ultimately loving God through how we care for the women we serve.  

 So how do we use our arms or eyes or hands for Kingdom work? As believers, we are commissioned to care for the oppressed, and to fight injustice. We are told in Deuteronomy 10 that God defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing. We know that God cares about all of His children and asks us to fulfill our calling in taking care of those who are lost.  


At RAHAB Ministries, our continuum of care is so wide, that it allows for anyone to use their unique gifts! From cooking, writing notes of encouragement, leading Bible study, or building shelves, there’s a place for you here!  

When entire bodies of believers come together for a common purpose, the enemy doesn’t stand a chance! If your church is not an active partner with RAHAB Ministries, consider joining us in bringing women out of darkness into the light of hope.  

The Church and RAHAB

If you are a member of an organized church, you know that it’s nearly impossible to pull off a Sunday morning service without a plethora of volunteers. The church can’t hire for every single needed position. They wouldn’t exist without volunteers. Without the financial generosity of believers, the church couldn’t run. The church isn’t designed as a money-making operation, but rather is sustained by your gifts. Overseas missions wouldn’t function, local missions wouldn’t function. When you give to your church or to RAHAB, you’re giving to something bigger than any one of us can imagine. Putting your time, money, and energy into Kingdom work delights the Lord! Like the local church, we need you too!  

When the church partners with RAHAB, you have a front row seat to Gods mighty work and Spirit-lead encounters on a daily basis. When you partner with RAHAB, you may get to help gift a teenage girl with her very first birthday party. You may have the opportunity to bless our women at the drop-in house by providing meals and a new picnic table to gather around.Or you may get to share the Gospel, or wipe away the tears of a woman having the worst day of her life. You never know who God is going to bring to you, but the amazing thing is He does and He has already equipped you!  

We are always planting seeds, but we know that what we do matters on an eternal scale. Would you consider getting your church involved with our efforts to end human trafficking?  

Ways to get your church involved:

  1. Financially support RAHAB in your church’s mission budget.  
  2. Adopt RAHAB as a committed mission of your church & partner with us to serve survivors. 
  3. Serve corporately and individually through volunteering, gift packing, meal making, and prayer.  

To learn more about these opportunities, please reach out to Becca Kahle at [email protected].