You can raise money

For the work of RAHAB!

Ways to Fundraise

We are so thankful for all the creative ways people have raised money for RAHAB! If you are looking for ways to creatively fundraise on your own for RAHAB here are some great ideas!

Donation Match

Challenge your family and friends to match your donation!

Golf Tournaments

As one of the most popular types of charity events, you can use the green to earn a little green for RAHAB!

Bake Sale

One of the simplest and delicious ways to raise money for RAHAB!

Change Jars

Ask local businesses to have a change jar out for RAHAB

Host a Dinner

Host a dinner, share about RAHAB, and ask your friends and family to consider donating.

Garage Sale

De-clutter your home while raising money for RAHAB.

No coffee for a month

Ask your friends and family to give up coffee for a month and donate what they would spend to RAHAB.

Why Fundraise for RAHAB?

Every bit of generosity helps women and children caught in sex trafficking experience truth and love in action!

If you would like to generously raise money on behalf of RAHAB, contact us today by filling out the form below.

Let’s get started!