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We are so excited that you want to link arms with us and serve the women and children in our communities who are vulnerable and exploited. Thank you for stepping up to make a difference. In lieu of in-person Essentials Training as we have done in the past, below you will find a group of resources that will get you started on this journey. We ask that all potential volunteers watch/read all of the material before starting. We are also asking for donations of $20 to help cover the cost of producing this material, the staff time for specialized training (more info on that below), and for other resource and training materials as needed. 

Thanks again for being part of the solution! 

The STory of RAHAB

In this video, our founder, Becky Moreland, talks about the early days of RAHAB Ministries and how God called her to the streets and how He has grown RAHAB since 2002. (This video and others recorded in spring 2018 unless otherwise specified)

So What Should you Know About Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking

Learn the basics, plus so much more about what human trafficking is and isn’t and how you can be part of the solution. 

A Few Things

Learn the importance of mentoring & building real relationships with victims of human trafficking & those at risk. (Fall 2019)

Intro to Trauma Theory

Learn the effects of trauma on the brain and the body and why it’s important to understand when working with victims of trafficking.

A Story of Hope

The Hope of Christ changes lives. Listen to this first-hand testimony of how Jesus changed the life of our very own, Angel Dague.

Essentials Exit Quiz

RAHAB is so thankful for all of you who have decided to volunteer with us. The next step after completing the content on this page is to complete the form below for a recap and additional information.

Volunteer Exit Quiz

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I agree that I have watched all Essentials Training Videos, equating to roughly 4hours of training.(Required)
Please select the truths about human trafficking shared by Alicia Ley:
Please select the myths about human trafficking shared by Alicia Ley:
How do you define human/sex trafficking based on the training? Select all that apply.
What is a way someone could become a victim of human trafficking? Select all that apply.