We believe that being educated and informed about the facts is one important way to eradicate sex trafficking. 

As you may or may not know, trafficking is not an “out there” problem — it is a right here problem. So, RAHAB is here to make sure you know the facts to fight back. 

Here are two important ones you should know…

1. Indicators of Domestic Sex Trafficking

It is important to be on the look-out for potential indicators of trafficking. Each of these indicators may or may not be a tell-tale sign of domestic sex trafficking, but it is recommended that each be taken in an overall context of appearance, demeanor, and effect.

*signs of malnourishment
*restricted or controlled communication
*claims of being an adult although appearance suggests adolescent features
*lack of identification 

2. No child in any home is automatically immune from becoming a victim of sex trafficking, but knowing how predators routinely operate can help protect your child.

RAHAB has created a FREE download to keep you informed and help prevent exploitation.

*Understand how traffickers really work — and how to respond if a child is targeted
*Learn steps traffickers take, as routinely observed by frontline state and federal investigators

As we work, together, to end trafficking, knowing the signs and staying informed is absolutely key. Thank you for helping RAHAB educate families, friends, and communities through your support!

Meet Halle Coblentz — RAHAB’s new Director of Minor Programming!

Halle holds a degree in Child and Family Development, has been with us since May 2015, and previously provided case management services to survivors at our adult and minor safe homes.

Halle loves building relationships with community partners and agencies and has an authentic desire to see everyone trapped in human trafficking gain true freedom. She wants to help broaden and extend RAHAB’s services nationally and internationally. 

Because we now have the opportunity to mentor youth in Cuyahoga County, Halle’s new role is a welcome addition that will extend our impact even further in young lives and for the survivors we serve.

Outside of work, Halle loves spending time with her extended family and hiking with her husband. Her favorite thing to do is travel … and she is anxiously awaiting the chance to do that again!

We are excited that Halle has taken on this new role at RAHAB … and we look forward to all the good things God will do through her and this new role for the sake of the children we are called to help in Northeast Ohio.


RAHAB was pleased to welcome the Human Trafficking Initiative (HTI) team from Ohio Attorney General Yost’s office. 

The HTI team came into town to train our Summit County Human Trafficking Task Force on conducting trauma-informed investigations and the importance of multi-disciplinary teamwork. 

We are so thankful for the ongoing relationship with AG Yost and his staff and are honored to partner with them — and with you! — in the work against human trafficking!

    You’re invited to do something truly special …

    When you take a step forward to give monthly as a Multiply Hope Partner with RAHAB Ministries, you’ll not only have the joy of knowing you’re part of something bigger and more meaningful in light of eternity …

    You will also maximize your impact year-round to: 

    • See survivors set free from physical, emotional, and spiritual captivity.
    • Continue building relationships with women and girls on the streets, in strip clubs, and in correctional facilities — to show them their worth.
    • Welcome women and children into our Drop-In Centers and safe houses — where we minister tangibly to needs by feeding them, clothing them, and more.
    • Provide one-on-one mentoring — making sure survivors are shown unconditional love and given hope for tomorrow. 

    On behalf of RAHAB Ministries, please Multiply Hope starting today. You’ll let survivors know they’re NOT invisible — and that you’re dedicated to helping them become all they were created to be.

    As you join us today, please let us send you a special gift of thanks:

    A Call to Courage — a beautiful collection of inspirational stories and highlights about the work RAHAB accomplished in 2020 in our efforts to eradicate sex trafficking.

    Thank you for considering a brave new step forward for the vulnerable, the voiceless among us. We know you’ll share in the blessing as well!