Human Trafficking Happens Right Here.

Together we can make a difference

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RAHAB offers concrete solutions to human trafficking by putting Truth & Love into action.

Our staff (some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished people in the field) lead our efforts in partnership with core volunteers.

As we look to the future, we continue to build on our trailblazing history. With the help of valued supporters, we’ll continue strengthening our regional programming in Ohio while creating patterns for grassroots groups who want to replicate our work in other places.

Did You Know?

  • You can now purchase your own RAHAB sweatshirts, jackets and more – clothing all ethically sourced!  Click here.
  • Transitional housing is an important step after leaving safe housing. Find out more and how to get involved. 
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It starts with caring.

Drop-in centers, street outreach, prison visits and mentoring programs engage volunteers and show trafficked women and children that we see them and there is a way out. We also teach communities to see human trafficking in their own backyards and take action.

An invitation home.

Authentic relationships and trauma-informed resources equip women and children at our adult safe-houses to become all they were meant to be. 

Fulfilling a destiny.

Since RAHAB’s founding on the streets of Akron, Ohio seventeen years ago, we’ve helped others start similar work in their communities. Now we’re inviting other groups to formally partner with us as we create patterns they can replicate to end the slavery of sex trafficking.

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