Hope Beat

The Monthly Pulse on RAHAB

June 2023

At RAHAB, we recognize the power of a small moment. What may seem like a simple routine, like having lunch with a friend, can be so life-giving and joyful. 

We celebrate small moments whenever we get a chance: when a youth we serve decides to speak positively about herself, when a woman asks a question at Bible study, when a volunteer feels like she’s found her place in our ministry. 

You can support these small moments by sponsoring the cost for one woman to attend our Drop-In with just $50 a month.  

This month’s issue of Hope Beat is full of small moments that make up our lives, that make all the difference.  


Monday Morning Sounds

Tami Mobley, a Victim Advocate with the Summit Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, occasionally works from the upstairs of RAHAB’s Akron Drop-In. She came in on the Monday morning after Easter and wanted to share her experience. 

The spring morning sun is shining through the trees, bathing the brick road of scattered debris, shards of glass, and more centralized potholes than 44306 combined. Yet the sun shines golden on the street. I can hear the twitter of each bird delightfully taking in the stillness. 

The Drop-In House is bright and welcoming, the gardens filled with new buds, the yard manicured. I can tell as I arrive that there are only a few people here so far.  

As I walk in, I greet Kellie, the Akron Drop-In Coordinator, whose face is always filled with joy to see a sister in Christ.  

There is warmth here, love and healing waiting in this space.  

I trek the precarious stairway to the upstairs office area. 

And slowly, like dripping honey, laughter and greetings float in. A small and hopeful musical brook of the space God has here. From upstairs I can hear smiles, hugs, satisfied purrs of yummy treats, and sighs of quenched thirst.   



Hope dawning.  

A while later, I sneak down to grab a cup of coffee and say ‘Hi.’ 

Harmonious chaos is unfolding; it’s bubbling over with scoots, and ‘oh, hey where’s this’ and ‘do you have that,’ ‘have you seen my–THANK YOU! THIS HAS ALL MY NOTES FROM BIBLE STUDY!’ 

But it is all in excitement to be here, to share here, to be in this space, this sanctuary. Women weaving past each other: arms, hands, mugs, and spoons for coffee and treats. 

Everyone settles. To listen to the Bible teaching on the back porch. To celebrate and commune with our God, our Savior, our friend and redeemer.  

I had the privilege of coming back up the stairs to hear amens, and variables tones of agreement and more laughter. 

The Lord does some amazing things on Mondays. But it definitely feels like the tomb was left empty yesterday and so many are engaging in the good news today. 


Welcome sign and flowers in the front yard of a small tan house

Monthly Highlight

Amy Bordonaro

Amy Bordonaro is RAHAB’s Youngstown Valley Outreach Coordinator. She joined staff in September 2022, and has launched 6 new street teams this month!  

How did you first get involved with RAHAB?   

I heard the RAHAB CEO and staff members speak at a Human Trafficking Forum in the summer of 2021.  My heart was instantly drawn to the ministry, and I confidently knew God has a special plan for RAHAB that includes outreach here in the Youngstown Valley.   

What is a favorite memory from your time on staff?  

My absolute favorite memory is washing dishes during my first visit at the Akron Drop-In House. I loved how they use real dishes to serve daily meals. The women are beautiful and precious creations of the King and RAHAB Ministries strives to show them this truth. The Love, Light, and Kindness of Jesus is evident at the Drop-Ins. My face beamed with joy as I witnessed the beautiful effort and thoughtful intention that is made for the guests. Smiling, I said to myself, “I can’t believe I get to be a part of this. Thank you, Jesus!” 

Tell us your favorite part of your current role.  

My favorite part of my current role is people! Next to Jesus, His people are my favorite. Whether it’s raising awareness, working with volunteers, or serving the women, it all includes His people. I love every moment!   

What is something you’ve learned from being here at RAHAB? 

During my time at RAHAB, I have learned so much about trauma during trainings. RAHAB Ministries continually trains staff and volunteers. I have been so blessed to learn more about trauma and how to better implement in ministry.  

What is something you’re looking forward to in the future? 

I am looking forward to all the God stories that are to come. God stories are the best blessing, such as the Joy Jar Moments. The Joy Jar Moments that reveal God’s Glory throughout this ministry is amazing. I cannot wait to see all that God reveals in this next season, especially in the Youngstown Valley! I’m so excited I could burst! As I always say, ~mycupoverflows.


Get Involved

Sponsor a Woman at the Drop-In

Did you know you could sponsor the cost of a woman to attend the Drop-In for $50 a month?  

At the Drop-In, women are invited to come as they are and experience an atmosphere of love and safety. 

Beyond tangible items like a warm meal, clothes, and hygiene items, the women that come to the Drop-In get to experience the hope and love of Jesus poured out from the staff and volunteers.  

When a woman comes to the Drop-In, there is no agenda. We do not ask her to change. We don’t ask her to be different or do better. We do not require anything in return. All we want from her, in that moment, is to experience rest.  

For her, all of this costs nothing. No commitment to come back. No ‘thank you’ required, though she usually offers it anyway. Not a single cent will be pulled from her pocket. 

Because of generous donors, the Drop-Ins remain free for all of the women we serve.  

Our goal is to get 350 women sponsored by the end of the month. Our phenomenal community of supporters has already committed to sponsoring over 200 of those 350!  

We need you to fill the gap!  

For just $50 a month, you can multiply hope for a survivor, providing her a safe place to be and introduce her to the love of Jesus. 

Click here to give or learn more! 

Multiple Hope Partner

When you partner with us through monthly giving, you are saying “Yes!” to seeing people set free from physical and spiritual captivity. Your monthly commitment empowers us to build relationships with women and girls on the streets. You are ensuring they do not remain invisible, that we can speak the Truth of their value and offer them safe places for Love, respite, for relationship and to become all they were created to be.