Hope Beat

The Monthly Pulse on RAHAB

May 2023

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered transformational services to those directly affected by sex trafficking. 

RAHAB staff and volunteers are trained in trafficking and providing trauma-informed care to survivors. Every day we interact with dozens of survivors all across our programming.  

January through March, we served: 

  • 7 women in restorative housing 
  • 287 women at the Drop-Ins 
  • 68 youth in Minor Mentoring 
  • 22 youth and their caregivers in The Willows 
  • 5 people with the Task Force 
  • 130 women in Jail Ministry 
  • 455 interactions with individuals in Outreach programs 

While the services we provide differ across programming, one thing always stays the same: survivors are introduced to the love and hope of Jesus. 

In this issue of Hope Beat, you’ll read stories of not only survivors’ faith being impacted by RAHAB programming, but volunteers as well.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for partnering with RAHAB and making these stories possible.


Secured Salvation

The number one thing we want our friends at the Drop-In to take away is a relationship with Jesus. Introducing them to Jesus and walking with them in their faith is our favorite thing!  

Damara Carter (pictured on the right), Canton Drop-In Coordinator, recently shared her favorite memory of when the staff got to talk to a woman about Jesus. 

“My favorite memory would have to be when “I” stopped by and was worried that her salvation wasn’t secure. The staff and volunteer were able to walk her through the Word and the promises of God. “I” sighed in relief finally realizing that her salvation WAS secure. “I” said, ‘I spent my whole life in hell why would I ever want to spend eternity there as well?’ That encounter left not only “I” hopeful, but the staff and volunteers as well.” 

We know that Jesus is Living Hope and light, and we love that we get to share that hope and light with our friends every day, even when they feel they are surrounded by darkness.  

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Welcome sign and flowers in the front yard of a small tan house

Monthly Highlight

Volunteer Testimony

While RAHAB exists to love and serve survivors of trafficking, our staff and volunteers are also blessed with love and healing through our work.  

A past volunteer wrote us a letter with her RAHAB testimony: 

“I am a real-life Cinderella. [Jesus] My Prince has raised me from the ashes to be His Beloved Bride. And I know that RAHAB played an irreplaceable part in my journey. RAHAB helped me to grow up, deepened my faith, and, perhaps most of all, taught me empathy… empathy that I have since learned to apply to myself, not just those around me. 
Many, many thanks. 
To everyone I worked with: thank you. You had no idea— heck, I scarcely realized myself— that while providing a safe place for ‘our ladies’ you were also providing a safe place for that girl with a brave mask and a broken heart.  
Know above all that you all have my eternal gratitude and endless prayers, both for all individuals and RAHAB as an organization. I carry you all with me in my heart.” 


Get Involved


Did you know that RAHAB now has a prayer calendar? 

Every month we update our Quick Links page to include the month’s prayer calendar! It is a downloadable pdf, so you can save a photo on your phone or even print it off!  

You can also sign up to receive periodic prayer texts, where we’ll send you the prayer calendar at the beginning of the month and ask for more specific prayer requests!  

We believe in the power of prayer, and that God is faithful to answer. 

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24, NIV 

Multiple Hope Partner

When you partner with us through monthly giving, you are saying “Yes!” to seeing people set free from physical and spiritual captivity. Your monthly commitment empowers us to build relationships with women and girls on the streets. You are ensuring they do not remain invisible, that we can speak the Truth of their value and offer them safe places for Love, respite, for relationship and to become all they were created to be.