At RAHAB, our faith is more than a label: it defines who we are. We incorporate our faith into everything we do: it all flows out of what we believe. To clarify, we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died for our sins. He did this so we could be in relationship with our Heavenly Father. We believe our lives are meant to be lived for Him, our actions and behavior inspired by Him as well.  

This may not seem like something easily incorporated into a professional organization, but we want to share with you how we incorporate our faith into every aspect of our ministry.  


We are prayerful about what is happening here at RAHAB. Whether it is making big picture decisions for the entire organization or employees praying with one another before the day. We do everything prayerfully.  

Our Street Team relies heavily on prayer as they set out to serve others. They’ll ask who God is wanting them to help on that day, and He will point them in the direction of someone in need. 

We believe it is important for our ministry to constantly request God’s leadership, wisdom, and will in everything we do. 

Hope of Jesus

The main function of our programming is to offer the hope of Jesus to those who have been affected by trafficking. We offer Bible Studies, prayer, and spiritual support to all of the women and children we serve. We believe everyone was brought to RAHAB for a reason and that God is pursuing them. 

The women and children we serve have experienced some of the darkest evil our world has to offer. Yet our goal is to offer them the source of all light and hope: Jesus. We always tell them of the hope that is available to them if they choose it. We show them that there is more to their life than their past or their present. They were created for more. 

We do not require anyone we serve to be a Christian or convert to Christianity. Nor do we require them to participate in faith activities in order to receive services. Yet our biggest prayer is that each person has a life-giving encounter with Jesus through our hospitality, generosity, and love. 


We are big on relationships here. Our desire is everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome and at home. So, we are very intentional about building trusting and meaningful relationships with everyone we serve.  

Transformational relationships are the most powerful tool for life change. We have seen this first-hand with those we serve as well as in our own lives. There are always people that come alongside us and help us change and transform for the better.

We make sure everyone feels seen and appreciated when they encounter RAHAB. Like Jesus, we want to pour into the lives of others with abundance.  


The ‘why’ of what we do ultimately narrows down to love. We love the women and children we serve. And we love to see them freed from the situations holding them in dark places. Jesus gave love freely and abundantly. He was selfless and the ultimate example of how to love others well.  

Love to us never looks just one way. It could be listening intentionally, making a favorite meal, or greeting someone with a hug and a smile. We get to know the people we serve and learn how they like to receive love and affection. 

For some of those we serve, they may never have experienced authentic love. They may have only experienced the toxic, manipulative ways those who claimed to love them treated them. We are intentional about loving them well, respecting their boundaries, and showing them they are worthy of unconditional love. 

No judgement

We do not pass judgement on those we serve, but rather speak life into them. Instead of holding their past mistakes against them, we choose to see them for who they truly are. By creating a space that allows for growth and healing, they can leave shame and guilt at the door.  

We’ve heard women’s stories of bad experiences with Christians who have shown judgement or even contempt for them.our goals is to reverse this experience and treat them as Jesus would. 

Those we serve do not need to ‘get their lives together’ before they show up at our door, rather we invite them in in the midst of their mess. We love them on the darkest of days and speak truth and life over them, even when they are their own worst critic. 

We are dedicated to incorporating our faith into every little thing we do, and on our hardest days we choose to turn to Jesus to pour into us. How do you incorporate your faith into your daily life? Comment below and share! 

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Human Trafficking 101

Duration: 1 Hour

What it is: HT 101 is an essential teaching on the realities of human trafficking. In this course, we will illuminate the issues of sex trafficking, explain a generalized process for how someone becomes involved in trafficking, and provide practical insight of how trafficking takes place. We will also highlight what we know about traffickers, how someone becomes vulnerable to trafficking, and how demand for commercial sex fuels sex trafficking. By the end of this course, you will be able to articulate the needs and vulnerabilities of trafficking survivors and have knowledge of practical solutions

Who it is for: This course is offered to all members of the community who would like to understand human trafficking and is required for all of RAHAB’s volunteers and staff 

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