This is a story written by an individual who attended a RAHAB Essentials training.
     RAHAB’s home page states, “Human Trafficking Happens Right Here” I’m asking you – have you seen human trafficking here? It’s not a matter of “if” you do see it but “when” you see it, what will you do?
     Friends – let me just tell you that you will see it, and your response is so important. Your response should be one that exudes love. Ignoring and turning the other way just won’t cut it. Someday it will be in your face, so be prepared for WHEN it does.
     It’s hard to believe that I was in the middle of that kind of story just this week … I mean year … I mean let me explain. But, I’m in awe of the way that God worked this story for the good of the trafficked victim.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Where to start?
                                                                                                                                                                                                       I became familiar with RAHAB in Summer 2019. Suzanne Lewis-Johnson was new to RAHAB from the FBI where she saw trafficking right here. Suzanne inspired me in a way to see what I did not see regarding human trafficking. So, I went to RAHAB essentials training. I didn’t uproot my life to become a part of the outreach team (perhaps for me later in life) but I did something small. I took the training.
     Fast forward a few months later, I had a friend tell me about her daughter and some things her daughter was mixed up in. Without the RAHAB training, I would have made some assumptions about the situation her daughter was in. But some key things my friend said combined with what I learned from the RAHAB training caused me to inquire with RAHAB to get her help – at least an invitation of help. I shared the information with my friend who offered it to her daughter, but her daughter denied the help. Things got dramatically worse for her daughter for the next year or so – in ways I wouldn’t be able to begin to imagine for my friend or her daughter. My friend had not heard from her daughter for 6 months until one day just this week April 2021. My friend received a phone call from her daughter and is now connected to RAHAB services.
       My friend learned that her daughter had been trafficked, abused, raped, was fighting drug addiction, etc. After being referred to RAHAB from the rape crisis center, her daughter’s journey toward healing began. Her daughter is now surrounded by healthy relationships and support and is choosing to heal and find hope. The unimaginable has happened to her daughter. The unimaginable had been happening all along. My friend was helpless and could not help her daughter. It’s a place none of us can imagine.
      Perhaps her daughter was at rock bottom.  Now, perhaps she may be able to overcome all of her trauma. Perhaps she will never turn to drugs again. Perhaps she can heal from being separated from her children. This is where God moves for victims of sex trafficking and where the staff and volunteers at RAHAB make a difference. It was God and nothing more that brought my friend’s daughter to RAHAB.
      My friend called me to tell me I was not going to believe where her daughter was. I still can’t believe it. I’m just thankful she has support now, and all praise and glory and thanks be to God for connecting her with RAHAB again. My friend and I both agreed that perhaps we planted seeds for her daughter, but it was truly God, and the hope RAHAB provides so her daughter can now begin to heal.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Thank you for reading these words that I can’t even believe I’m trying to put together and shaking as it brings tears to my eyes.

Praise be to God. ❤️