We love sharing stories with you that bring happy tears to our eyes and put so much joy in our hearts! Here’s an outreach story from Debbie, RAHAB’s Director of Outreach, that may have the same effect on you …

“God Detour”

Sometimes while doing street outreach we walk … sometimes we drive. One morning in Akron we were driving to Matthew’s House. I knew where I was going because I’ve driven it hundreds of times, but for “some reason” I made the wrong turn. The rerouting took several minutes and was a bit frustrating, but I’m trying to learn that in moments of frustration, Jesus may have something to show us if we only stop to look. 

This “God detour” took me down a street I never would have traveled … and then, there she was, one of our RAHAB friends. I noticed her at first because of her strange walk. As I got closer, I noticed she didn’t have any shoes on, and that her socks were matted with blood. 

As we pulled up to her, I said, “Hi, we are from RAHAB, and we are out checking on people. Can we help you somehow?” 

Her eyes lit up and she came straight over to my car yelling, “I was just on my way over to the Matthew’s House!” 

We were able to help her get there — where she was received with a hug and great compassion. The staff at the Matthew’s House made sure her needs were met by providing a warm meal, food, shower, clean clothes, medicine, and shoes. She knew she was safe and in a place where she was loved. 

To witness this love in action was priceless and worth WAY MORE THAN the few minutes lost on my God-ordained detour.

Your support for RAHAB helps our outreach teams minister day in and day out to women who need help and hope. Thank you for playing such a key part in reaching out to the vulnerable!

It’s not too late!

Please consider giving a gift to celebrate with us and help set vulnerable women and girls on the path to healing. Donations tend to be slower during the summer months, so in order to continue to provide the same level of support we are hosting Christmas in July.

You can donate cash or buy an item on our wish list and take it to a Drop-In location! 

  1. Make a donation at www.rahab-ministries.org/give/.
  2. Gift cards and wish list items can be donated in person:


Visa, Amazon, and Target gift cards

Paper towels

Women’s deodorant

Full-size bottles of body lotion (no bargain brands, please)

New women’s underwear (all sizes)

Copier paper 

Have you ever wondered how our Drop-In Homes operate? How we help women feel human again? Watch this video now:

Did You Know? Myth vs. Fact Regarding Federal Funding

Here at RAHAB, we often get questions about grant funding and how it works, especially funding from federal and state government agencies. So today we’d like to explore some of the myths and misunderstandings around government funding for non-profits.

Myth: The government is the best source of funds to fight human trafficking. There is a lot of funding and organizations just need to apply for it! It’s easy money!

Fact: It is true that there are a lot of grant opportunities for fighting or preventing human trafficking within various federal and state agencies, and RAHAB builds meaningful partnerships with government agencies for grants and other support. But government grants are often highly competitive and very time-intensive — both to apply for and to manage. It is NEVER easy money.

Sometimes, our best option is to apply for government grants and establish (hopefully) long-term relationships with the individuals who work in the state or federal office that facilitates the grant. 

We are very purposeful about what and how many grants we apply for and accept, and ultimately believe that engaging the community and the church to support this work and BE THE SOLUTION is the best way to continue providing Truth and Love to the most vulnerable.

Myth: Federal grants are the best source of funds because they are consistent — the money is there, so why not take advantage of it?

Fact: Federal government agencies do have a lot of funds to distribute as grants, but those funds aren’t always consistent. Several variables control how much money is allocated in different grant funds, such as the political or judicial climate, the current economy, and more. 

Because needs are so great, and when circumstances cause grant funds to dwindle, granting agencies have to pass those cuts on to non-profit organizations, regardless of how great the need is. This year RAHAB is seeing an additional 34% cut from our VOCA grant (in addition to the 30% cut last year).

This is one of the reasons why RAHAB believes that government alone is not the answer. You are part of the solution — volunteers, prayer warriors, and donors are the hands and feet of Jesus — and when you show up in the way that God is calling you, this is much more impactful and much more consistent than federal funds could ever be.

Myth: Once an organization gets awarded a federal grant, they are set. Federal grants will fund an organization as long as it continues to provide services.

Fact: Grants are awarded for a set period with a fixed budget. Many grants must be reapplied for annually, while the timeline for others can vary. But no grant is permanent, and there is no guarantee for renewal. RAHAB carefully assesses each grant opportunity and works to balance those asks with other support from community businesses, individuals, churches, and others. 

We believe the best way to continue providing cutting-edge care and life-giving hope to vulnerable women and children is to find balanced, consistent funding from those who are called to be part of the solution through financial giving. 

And you are warmly invited to play a part yourself — to have the joy of knowing you are part of the solution! Please give generously today. Women and children will find hope and healing through your giving and prayers!

RAHAB Ministries is an official partner with the Akron Marathon, which means you can:

  • Run for RAHAB yourself,
  • Form a running team,
  • Donate to RAHAB,
  • Or encourage others to run!

All funds raised through Run for RAHAB will be used to continue all our programs and outreaches to the women and children we serve. 

To register, donate to the cause, or find out additional details, click here!

RAHAB CEO Suzanne Lewis-Johnson was recently featured as a guest blogger on Mace Brand’s site …

She tells her story in her own words, answers questions about the sex-trafficking industry, recalls pivotal moments in her own life and career, and provides an inspirational look at RAHAB’s every effort to save the lives of exploited women and children.

Please read it here!

She needed out.

But this friend of RAHAB needed the resources to GET her out of the terrible situation she was in.

And because we build relationships with women on the streets and genuinely seek to meet both their immediate and long-term needs, we sprang into action on this woman’s behalf. 

A staff member went to a local business. The woman at the front desk happened to know about RAHAB and our mission. She was willing, and able, to help our friend in a big way — empowering her to take her next steps.

Our staff member told this businesswoman: “You are helping her take her first step to freedom.” As the words left her lips, she looked up and, for the first time, fully noticed her surroundings. The entire room was elaborately decorated in red, white, and blue banners, streamers, stars, and flags. A celebration of independence where our friend was also receiving her own independence back.

With the Fourth of July just passed, RAHAB continues to celebrate our country’s hard-won freedom and the fact that we get to take part in setting people free each day. 

It isn’t always easy or pretty, but each life released from bonds is worth every minute of the fight. A free country is a free people, and we won’t stop going after each one until all are fully free.