Reaching Above Hopelessness and Brokenness, Inc. (RAHAB Ministries), a 501c3 incorporated in the State of Ohio, is governed by a Board of Directors.  More than 60 staff and 100 core volunteers lead delivery of RAHAB’s cutting-edge programming.  Our senior team is comprised of visionary leaders with diverse real-world experience.

Suzanne Lewis-Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Suzanne Lewis-Johnson resigned as an FBI Special Agent to become RAHAB’s CEO in 2018.  She brought a vision of growing RAHAB’s programming locally and partnering with communities throughout the United States to replicate RAHAB broadly, so that in the land of the free everyone can truly be free.
The key to any success in Suzanne’s life is summed up in the last four words of the oath she took to become an FBI Agent, “so help me God.”
In the FBI, Suzanne led cases that made headlines, coordinated a Child Exploitation Task Force that addressed violent crimes against children in ten Ohio counties, and led a human trafficking investigation The FBI Story recognized as one of the FBI’s top cases of 2014.
With her Women’s Advisory Committee colleagues, she received the 2017 Director’s Award for Excellence from FBI Director Christopher Wray.
Already a frequent speaker on behalf of the FBI, in the spring of 2018 Suzanne received FBI Headquarters’ endorsement to become FBI adjunct faculty and teach classes as an FBI subject expert on Human Trafficking, Civil Rights and Violent Crimes Against Children.  Suzanne also participated in one of twelve Anti-trafficking Coordination Teams (ACTeams) in the United States, which the U.S. Attorney General and other Federal Agency heads at the Cabinet level created to investigate sex and labor trafficking.
Prior to entering on duty with the FBI, Suzanne worked first as a journalist and then for Habitat for Humanity International’s Women Build program and later for Habitat for Humanity’s Gulf Coast Hurricane Response. Her publishing credits include Christianity Today magazine, several newspapers and other publications.  In her capacity with Habitat for Humanity, she collaborated with all levels of government, including every State Governor’s Office and the White House, other non-profit organizations and religious organizations, corporations and people from all walks of life to address poverty housing.

Greg Colbeck

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Colbeck co-leads all aspects of RAHAB’s pioneering work that moves the world closer to fulfilling the vision of freedom from human sex trafficking and all types of slavery.  A five-year RAHAB veteran, Greg stewards RAHAB and Founder Becky Moreland’s legacy, ensuring that no matter how much the ministry grows, RAHAB never strays from its roots of intervention through one relationship and one act of Love and Truth in the flesh at a time.
Greg oversees business functions and leads and grows program delivery, including outreach, drop-in centers, mentoring, safe housing, and community education on human trafficking identification, response and prevention.
Greg hosts the RAHAB podcast, is a keynote speaker for RAHAB Essentials training, and serves as a media spokesperson.
An in-demand human trafficking educator and an inspirational speaker, Greg has spoken to a diverse range of audiences, including a variety of conferences, delegations of foreign dignitaries and government officials, universities, hospital physicians and staff, law enforcement, churches and school in-services.

Sonja White

Vice President of Communications and Development

Sonja White leads RAHAB’s Development and Church Relations Teams in addition to overseeing Communications functions and mechanisms, including public relations, government relations, social media, website, newsletters, print and video materials.  Sonja’s careers and calling before RAHAB positioned her perfectly to support RAHAB’s launch to the next level.  Sonja has worked with senators to craft key legislation, set up secure communications for the White House, coordinated national media interviews, and coordinated the book launch for a mega-church pastor and world-wide ministry leader.

Kali Jobes

Senior Director of Community Based Programming

Kali, with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, provides leadership and oversight to RAHAB’s community-based programming, including drop-in centers, mentoring programs, court partnerships, street outreach and jail ministries.  Kali is a key voice in several communities’ task forces addressing human trafficking.  Kali spearheads efforts to adapt systems and policies for replication across the country.  She continually builds relationships with community partners and works to expand programming to serve those who need to experience grace on the ground to rise above hopelessness and brokenness.