A child’s boredom at home coupled with increased time online — especially during a time of isolation like this — creates a particular vulnerability to online child exploitation and sex trafficking.

It’s tragic, but it’s true. And since online child exploitation happens everywhere, no child in any home is automatically immune. 

Predators prey on vulnerabilities. Most predators don’t need tech expertise to enter a child’s device through a back door. Kids often open the door for them, thinking the predator is a friend or a helper.

But knowing how predators routinely operate can help protect the children in your life!

This brand-new RAHAB handout is for YOU. Download and read it now to discover:

  1. How traffickers’ schemes really work. 
  2. How to respond if a child is targeted.
  3. How to prevent victimization or exploitation before it starts.
  4. What steps traffickers take to lure a child online (as routinely observed by frontline state and federal investigators, and as seen by responders like RAHAB who provide on-the-ground service to survivors.
  5. And more!

This information is critical for parents, church leaders, and anyone taking care of or speaking into the lives of young people.

Get it today!

RAHAB’s new video — entitled The Room — presents an emotionally charged, one-of-a-kind look at the transformation that happens within the “four walls” of healing and hope at Rebecca’s Place. 

If you’d like a better understanding of the proven-effective services we offer, don’t wait … watch The Room now

Get a glimpse into what a room at Rebecca’s Place looks like — what it goes through — what stories it holds — and what transformation is possible in each and every life who lives there! 


Our juvenile safe home Rebecca’s Place takes care of 11- to 17-year-olds who are at risk of falling through the cracks. 

Far from existing as just a “facility,” we’ve had the privilege of turning this house into a caring home where young residents can experience true family for the very first time.

And today you have the opportunity to make it even more welcoming for girls who need safety, love, and an escape from the nightmare of sexual slavery on the streets.

Our Amazon Wish List is one more meaningful way you can reach out to survivors and give them the hope and healing they deserve.

Every item will help Rebecca’s Place feel like home for girls who come to us for freedom from their traffickers. 

Thank you for your generous support of RAHAB’s efforts. Your compassion means the world to the women and children we serve!

In this month’s “Meet the Staff,” we’re pleased to introduce you to Katie Sponseller, RAHAB’s Director of Minor Safe Housing.

Here’s just a little background about how she arrived at RAHAB:

From an early age, I knew that Jesus was calling me into a life of serving Him in ministry. Growing up in a church that deeply desires to make disciples of all nations allowed me the unique opportunities to begin serving cross-culturally at a very young age. 

For 15 years, God blessed me with travels to many people groups and nations to serve those in need. I graduated from Johnson University (formerly known as Johnson Bible College) in Knoxville, TN, with a degree in Counseling Psychology in 2012. During my time at Johnson, my desire to do Kingdom work and serve the world’s most vulnerable grew into a full-time role after graduation. For four years, I worked for a missionary-sending, church-planting organization. There I was blessed to aid workers and churches all around the world before moving to Jordan. 

During that time, I was a part of a team who provided spiritual, physical, and emotional aid to Syrian and Iraqi refugees all while learning the native language and culture. I expected to spend my whole life overseas, but to my surprise, the Lord called me into a season of restoration back in Northeastern Ohio, an hour away from where I grew up. 

After years of prayer, the Lord began to fulfill the desires of my heart once again to work in full-time ministry. I felt Him saying “women’s ministry” as He was orchestrating conversation after conversation about my future, and all roads seemed to lead to RAHAB. 

A little over a year ago, I began my role as a Resident Supervisor at Rebecca’s Place, our minor safe home, and it truly was the most fulfilling year of my life. It’s an absolute honor and privilege to now serve as the next Director, and I am so thrilled to advocate for our girls in an entirely new way! 

If I’m not at the safe house, you can probably find me hanging out with friends at Compass Coffee, hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, or thrift store shopping. Rarely will you find me without a cup of water or Starbucks Cold Brew in hand!

To get to know more about Katie and her work with sex-trafficked youth in our area, click here to watch this video!

While the COVID-19 crisis has certainly impacted the economy over the last couple of months, the CARES Act stimulus plan recently enacted by the federal government includes charitable giving incentives for 2020 for both individuals and corporations.

For starters:

  1. Beginning with 2020 tax returns, taxpayers will be able to claim up to $300 ($600 for a married couple) in cash contributions to charitable organizations as a deduction without itemizing. You will get the deduction in addition to your standard deduction.
  2. For the 2020 tax return, the CARES Act allows itemizers to deduct more of their charitable cash contributions for this tax year, enabling givers to contribute more with a tax deduction.

For more information about what that means for you and your donations to ministries like RAHAB, click here to contact Nichole Terrett.