Minor Community Based Programming

A Family-Centered Approach

      Far too often parents have been left out of the equation when discussing solutions for trafficked children. 

Yet through our nearly 20 years of experience, RAHAB knows that without transformational relationships, we cannot offer long-term solutions to human trafficking. Without safe, healthy adults intervening in a child’s life, change does not occur. 

Our new Minor Community-Based Program (MCBP) is no exception.


We believe that safe relationships – people who stay in your life – are an alternative network to combat the traffickers’ networks.


How Does It Work?

RAHAB’s MCB programming provides long- term relational support through comprehensive case management, mentoring, and crisis intervention to minor survivors of sex trafficking and those at risk. This trauma-informed program will offer youth safety and consistency while navigating complex social service systems. In addition, RAHAB takes a family-centered approach so that caregivers feel equipped to serve children in their home.


How Can You Help?

Rent & Living Expenses

Become a committed financial partner of RAHAB and help cover the cost of rent, living expenses, and other needs as survivors get on their feet.


If you are a landlord, you can join our network to help provide affordable, quality housing in safe neighborhoods when a survivor is ready to live on her own.

Vehicles & Jobs

Survivors need reliable transportation and living wage jobs as they become independent & rebuild healthy lives. Help support their journey by joining our network to provide jobs & job training and/or used vehicles.

And of course, we always cherish your prayers

Connect with Us

Are you interested in getting involved? We’d love to talk to you and share more details. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a partner.  Want to help right away? Feel free to give a one-time or monthly recurring gift by clicking the donate button above.