Minor Mentoring Case Worker

Position: Case Worker/Mentor, 40 hrs/wk

Mission of Organization: RAHAB Ministries strives to share the hope of Jesus Christ with broken
and undervalued women, including survivors of human trafficking.

Main Objective: Connect Rahab Minors to services such as employment opportunities, training,
housing, and more; provide mentoring to youth in the RAHAB Minor Program as needed.

Daily Operations:
Case Management:
– Seek out and build relationships with local agencies, businesses and organizations who
are able to provide services for youth in the Minor Program and/or those who have
graduated the program.
– Work in partnership with local employment agencies to help youth find employment
– Serve as a job coach – checking in regularly with youth and employers to assess status of
placement and track progress
– Meet regularly with youth to understand their needs and help them find solutions
– Develop a personalized plan for each youth to accomplish their goals and connect them
to services such as housing, employment, and training.

Rahab Staff Requirements:
– Attend monthly RAHAB staff meetings
– Attend weekly RAHAB Minor Team staff meetings
– Build relationships with Volunteers who attend Selah’s Place
– Serve as a one-on-one mentor for a youth involved in the Minor Program

At Selah’s Place:
– Foster a safe and encouraging environment
– Provide youth with positive and supportive interaction
– Be physically, emotionally and mentally present with youth when meeting with them
– Follow all safety protocols and procedures in order to maintain safety and security
– Promote biblical conflict resolution among youth

– Communicate any crisis/emergency situation to Minor Mentoring Coordinator
– Work closely and communicate regularly with Rahab Minor Team Staff

Skills and Qualifications Necessary
Personal/Skill Set:
– Passionate about advocating for youth
– Mature relationship with Christ
– Ministry-minded and ability to engage non-Christians from difficult backgrounds
– Humble, team player with strong integrity
– Strong Networking skills
– Willingness to build curriculum to support Rahab Minors to aid in their transition into
– Ability to initiate and grow sustainable partnerships with outside businesses and
– Astute communication skills
– Adaptability to ever-changing schedules and plans that come with the nature of the job
– Ability to navigate and guide conversations well in an all-female setting
– Ability to problem solve well and not give up in complex situations

– Trauma informed and the ability to perform trauma informed care
– General knowledge of human trafficking field and effects of sexual exploitation
– Must be 21 years of age or older
– Must have a valid Ohio Driver’s License
– Must submit and pass a Federal Background check
– Degree in a social services related field is a plus


RAHAB Ministries does not delay or deny employment based on race, age, sex, national origin,
or physical or mental disabilities unrelated to an applicant’s ability to effectively perform job

Please send your resume and cover letter to
[email protected]
to apply for this position.