Every day, RAHAB staff and volunteers meet vulnerable and exploited women and children face-to-face. They get to know beautiful, yet hurting, individuals who desperately need to experience Jesus’ love and relationship with Him. When you support this work, you are right there with us, loving the person right in front of us.

Take a step forward and go deeper with us by committing to give monthly as a Multiply Hope Partner with RAHAB Ministries. Below are just a few examples of how your generous monthly gift makes a tangible difference in the lives of those RAHAB serves.

  • $25 per month can help serve one survivor in our outreach ministries for a year.

  • $50 per month can help serve one youth survivor in minor programming for a year.

  • $100 per month allows RAHAB to celebrate joy with our survivors including birthdays, sobriety, new jobs, and so much more!

  • $500 per month helps serve 10 survivors for a year in our Adult Drop-In Centers.

  • $2,500 per month can help serve a survivor in Restorative Housing (safe housing) for a year.

When you become a Multiply Hope Partner, you are saying “Yes!” to this and so much more! You are saying yes to providing the opportunity to see lives changed.

We invite you to Multiply Hope for the women and children we serve!

As our gift to you for becoming a Multiply Hope Partner, we would love to send you The Call: To Celebrate — a beautiful collection of inspirational stories and highlights throughout 2022 as we celebrate all God has done through RAHAB.


The board reserves the right to redirect designated funds received above the stated budget, or, in a situation where said funds are no longer applicable to the stated budget, to redirect if the need gets satisfied another way.

If you want to give on a recurring basis, please make sure to click the box, “Show my support by making this a recurring donation