Until None Are Invisible.

Your monthly donation to support RAHAB will help ensure that none of our neighbors remain invisible, that we can speak the truth of their value, and offer them safe places for respite, for relationship and to become all they were created to be.

When you become a Multiply Hope Partner, you are saying “Yes!” to…

  • Seeing survivors set free from physical, emotional, and spiritual captivity.
  • Continuing to build relationships with women and girls on the streets, in strip clubs, and in correctional facilities — to show them their worth.
  • Welcoming women and children into our Drop-In Centers and safe house — where we minister tangibly by feeding them, clothing them, and more.
  • Providing community-based minor mentoring — making sure girls are shown unconditional love and given hope for tomorrow.

We invite you to Multiply Hope for the women and children we serve!

As our gift to you for becoming a Multiply Hope Partner, we would love to send you a collection of inspirational stories and highlights summarizing the work RAHAB accomplished in 2021 to eradicate sex trafficking.