Exciting news!

RAHAB and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office are joining together in the very first Summit County Human Trafficking Task Force.

In order to provide better victim advocacy and emergency response when victims are identified by law enforcement, RAHAB will partner with the:

  1. Summit County Sheriff’s Office
  2. Akron Police Department
  3. Stow Police Department
  4. FBI
  5. Rape Crisis Centers of Medina and Summit Counties
  6. Summit County Prosecutor’s Office
  7. And other community partners!

This new programming means bringing new staff to the RAHAB team … so keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks about this exciting opportunity to continue strengthening our fight against sex trafficking!

We have prayed. We have pursued. We have persevered. 

And, this month, we have pierced darkness with Light.

RAHAB is grateful to announce the opening of our two new Drop In Houses in Stark County! 

These non-residential homes (intentionally located in the middle of drug activity and trafficking) welcome women in for family-style meals, Bible studies, encouragement, and friendship.  

Women have the opportunity to shop the free clothing boutique and receive donated hygiene items. We are SO grateful for the volunteers and friends who have helped us make this possible …

Because transformation is the result!

  1. Transformation happens in the physical spaces … and it happens in the lives of the women and children we serve as well. 
  2. Transformation happens when people link arms with RAHAB. Through the incredible generosity of donors, partners, and volunteers, these homes were transformed into welcoming places where women will gather for encouragement, friendship, and rest.
  3. Transformation happens in the lives of women and children. From Drop In Houses to mentoring, from street outreach to safe housing, RAHAB staff and volunteers build relationships that speak Truth and Love — the very foundation of life transformation. 

Alexis, our Stark County Drop In Coordinator, recalls what happened the morning we gathered to worship and pray in the new location before officially opening the doors:

“While we worshipped and prayed in the basement together, Becca got a text from a woman they had been connecting with on the street. It said, ‘Are you still able to pick me up today? I am so excited to come to the house.’ We weren’t even open yet, and typically they aren’t able to connect with her until later in the day. But it was like Christmas morning. The outreach team was hearing from women asking to come — much earlier than when they usually talk to them! It was like we all woke up early ready to open the house — a long-awaited gift.”

Thank you for being part of this journey. You are piercing the darkness with Light and Love!

The girls at Rebecca’s Place want to have fun … want to do typical teenager things. 

These girls don’t live normal lives yet, but they crave normal — something most of us can understand these days.

One idea they’ve had recently is to go take pictures in a sunflower field. 

And it’s only thanks to your generosity that we are able to do things like this with them.

The survivors living in our safe house are finding hope and healing because of your support. They are precious women and girls who need normalcy as they walk the difficult but hopeful path of recovery. 

And your continued generosity allows us to have the extra funds to do the fun, normal things that fill these teens’ hearts with joy and hope! 

When you’ve been treated as a commodity, it takes a consistent, caring presence over time to convince you of the Truth of your value. 

It takes real Love in action, investing in you and asking for nothing in return.

And this is precisely what RAHAB mentors do.

Today, we’re in need of more caring mentors for the minors we serve.

As a RAHAB mentor, you will have boots on the ground, life-changing experiences and relationships that provide real hope and help to others. 

Our mentors commit to spending time each week with a RAHAB mentee. 

If you have been wondering how you can make a practical difference in the fight against sex trafficking, please consider becoming a mentor!

Simply email [email protected] with your questions or interest today. 

By Emily F. Miller

One of Rebecca’s Place’s primary goals is to show the love of Jesus to the girls in our care. 

By loving them well and providing an environment where they feel safe, these girls are able to heal, grow, and potentially meet Jesus for the first time.

Rebecca’s Place recently celebrated two huge victories when two girls made the choice to give their lives to the Lord and get baptized. 

Despite the original baptism ceremony being canceled due to COVID restrictions, the girls were determined to move forward. A private ceremony was arranged, and one of our ordained staff members, Teresa, volunteered to baptize the girls at a local church.

“Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli played while each girl sat in the tub of water and shared why they were choosing Jesus. 

Staff members all around shed tears of joy as the girls were submerged and brought out of the water. 

God is doing transformative work at Rebecca’s Place, and we cannot praise Him enough for it! And we are grateful to YOU for making precious, destiny-shaping moments like this possible.

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