In May 2018, Suzanne Lewis-Johnson resigned as an FBI Special Agent to become RAHAB’s Executive Director, officially taking the helm when her friend, RAHAB founder Becky Moreland, retired on June 1.  The key to any success in Suzanne’s life is summed up in the last four words of the oath she took to become an FBI Agent, “so help me God.”

In the FBI, Suzanne led cases that made headlines.  She coordinated a Child Exploitation Task Force that addressed violent crimes against children in ten Ohio counties and led a human trafficking investigation The FBI Story recognized as one of the top cases of 2014.

With her Women’s Advisory Committee colleagues, she received the 2017 Director’s Award for Excellence from FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Already a frequent speaker on behalf of the FBI, in the spring of 2018 Suzanne received FBI Headquarters’ endorsement to become FBI adjunct faculty and teach classes as an FBI subject expert on Human Trafficking, Civil Rights and Violent Crimes Against Children.  Suzanne also participated in one of twelve Anti-trafficking Coordination Teams (ACTeams) in the United States, which the U.S. Attorney General and other Federal Agency heads at the Cabinet level created to investigate sex and labor trafficking.  

Prior to entering on duty with the FBI, Suzanne worked first as a journalist and then for Habitat for Humanity International’s Women Build program and later for Habitat for Humanity’s Gulf Coast Hurricane Response. Her publishing credits include Christianity Today magazine, several newspapers and other publications.  In her capacity with Habitat for Humanity, she collaborated with all levels of government, including every State Governor’s Office and the White House, other non-profit organizations and religious organizations, corporations and people from all walks of life to address poverty housing.



Greg oversees RAHAB operations, including our staff who are based in five different locations, leading various aspects of RAHAB programming.  He is a tireless advocate of the women we serve and a champion of our staff and volunteers. Greg is also an in-demand public speaker, who comfortably presents the RAHAB story in all contexts. Lately, he’s been in particular demand to provide trainings to medical professionals at top hospitals. When he’s not doing RAHAB business, he’s likely leading church worship or enjoying time with his wife and two daughters.


Director of Housing

Alicia supervises staff and volunteers at our Adult Safe House and is overseeing the process of putting the programming and people in place that will allow us to open the doors of our Juvenile Safe House.  Alicia is another of our in-demand speakers and works with our partners at Emerge Counseling Services to present creative, research-based responses to trauma that address the specific needs of our survivors.  Alicia believes her life calling is to partner with God as He builds up what has formerly been devastated.  She has a fiery passion to see survivors of sex trafficking live whole, healthy and restored lives.  When she’s not at RAHAB, Alicia is living in intentional community in a nearby neighborhood with her husband, three children and two grandchildren. Alicia adores biking with her dearest friend and making the perfect cup of frothy coffee for anyone who stops by.


Minor Programs Coordinator

Leah works with The Restore Court, at The Summit County Juvenile Court, which is our official mentor program partner. Leah is often consulted by others looking to replicate this effective partnership and has been interviewed by media, other non-profits, and academic researchers eager to glean from her trail-blazing experience and wisdom. Leah’s passion for mentoring youth comes from her own traumatic teenage years and because she is convinced they are basically undercover superheroes. Leah has more that 20 years experience working with youth and young adults. She is a strong-willed Texan married to an east coast pastor, now settled in Ohio after moving cross country 7 times. She has 4 teenagers of her own and is energized by walking alongside youth, empowering them and equipping others to do the same.


Drop-In Center Coordinator

Kali leads the efforts at our Adult Drop-In Center.  She brings in Bible Studies and programming, coordinates volunteer involvement here, works with women who have community service hours to fulfill and so much more.  Equipped with a BA in counseling from Moody Bible Institute, Kali is currently working toward her MA in social work.  She came to RAHAB from another non-profit where she helped women in crisis situations.  Before that she worked on a church staff.  When she has a chance to relax, Kali enjoys baking, having a cup of coffee with a friend or hiking with her husband.


PR and Volunteer Coordinator

Everyone plugged into RAHAB likely knows Rachel to some extent.  Rachel oversees our social media efforts, is a driving force behind our RAHAB Essentials Training and connects new folks to the program coordinators who empower volunteers to take concrete action to end human trafficking.  Rachel is a connecter, whether she’s getting an intern engaged in a project, working with a Church missions group or matching a unique resource she’s heard about with a particular need to conserve donated dollars.  Rachel has an MBA from Malone University and is passionate about finding new ways to keep donors and volunteers informed and engaged.