There are moments in our lives where despair washes over us completely. There seems to be no way out, no relief. We feel isolated and alone, scared and trembling. In these moments it can be hard to imagine that we are deeply loved. It can be hard to accept that our God has sacrificed everything to be in relationship with us. But it’s still true.  

It is true that in our darkest moments the Lord weeps with us. He longs to wrap His arms around His mourning children and make us know that we are seen and valued and loved. These moments of being comforted by the Lord are not always tangible. They may be a whisper in the back of our minds or a song speaking to our soul. They could be a friend saying exactly what we need to hear or a simple feeling of peace.  

Becca, our Outreach Coordinator, got to deliver one of those messages of hope and love to a woman we serve who was experiencing one of those despair-filled moments. Acting in obedience and love, she got to witness Jesus passionately going after His beloved. Watch her story above.