Far too often parents have been left out of the equation when discussing solutions for trafficked children. 

Yet through our nearly 20 years of experience, RAHAB knows that without transformational relationships, we cannot offer long-term solutions to human trafficking. Without safe, healthy adults intervening in a child’s life, change does not occur. We believe that safe relationships — people who stay in your life forever — an alternative network to combat the traffickers’ networks — are the core of what we offer in every area of programming. 

Our new minor community-based program is no exception.

In the weeks and months to come, RAHAB Ministries will update you on a new program you make possible through your support and prayers …

A family-centered approach that will:

  1. Provide supportive services to children (11-17) in partnership with parents, families of origin, foster families and host families.
  2. Collaborate with existing systems to offer support and cutting-edge expertise in serving trafficked children.
  3. Expand our transitional housing program, The Oaks, to serve transitioning-aged youth (18-24) who no longer have access to services in the community.

We will work with law enforcement personnel, caregivers, providers, juvenile court, foster care agencies, children’s services, and others to provide a timely identification and referral response for young people in need of services. From offering specialized human trafficking training sessions — to engaging the church and community — to providing therapeutic care for minors and young adults, RAHAB wants to ensure mentoring and crisis support for both child and family. 

Every party involved will work together … it will be coordination at its finest.

Instead of resources flowing into one location of a minor safe home, they will flow into the community … 


In addition, RAHAB will provide wrap-around care and case management for young trafficking survivors and for the families that care for and love them — YOU!

We love sharing stories with you that bring happy tears to our eyes and put joy in our hearts! Here is an outreach story from our team that may have the same effect on you…

The Church Has Left the Building

We have a saying around RAHAB: “The church has left the building.” We even have RAHAB t-shirts that proclaim this very thing underneath the logo. I have seen the church at work — outside the building — in the least likely of places: strip clubs, alleys, the backyards of crack houses and trap houses … places Jesus would go. Places He wants to be known. 

It’s always interesting to hear what RAHAB’s friends think about “the weird church folks” who show up in these places.

Recently at one of our Drop-Ins, one of our older friends left her keys inside. By the time she realized it, she was standing outside, her back was hurting, and she was tired. One of the other women came alongside her and offered to help find her keys. “Do you think you left them in the church?” … and off she went, back inside the Drop-In Home to find the lost keys. 

She referred to our Drop-In as the church. The church — the place where women are welcomed to come just as they are without judgment and embraced with love. They gather, everyone equal, around a table feasting on food and the Word, laughing, crying, becoming family, and forming a church.

Your compassion in action helps make it possible!

Today a woman woke up in a bed that’s not hers …

Confused about her surroundings …

Not knowing who raped her last night … not knowing if she’ll get to eat a good meal today…

And not knowing if anyone notices, or even cares. 

She often feels hopeless — helpless — and too often powerless to change what’s become of her life.

But thanks to your partnership with RAHAB, we can provide God’s practical, tangible love. How?

Watch this brief video below — and then share it with people who have a compassionate heart like yours — to discover how you’re saving lives by His grace!

You play an important role in RAHAB’s work.

The hope and healing you offer to abused, exploited, often-forgotten women and children is something we do not take for granted.

And while strategies and seasons at RAHAB Ministries may change, our commitment to being the disruptive hands and feet of Jesus does not.

Relationships lead to restoration. Relationships ARE the key to providing a path out of pain.

So as we work to grow and improve our services to victims and survivors of all ages, we continue looking to Christ’s example …

And to you.

Please stand with us again today to keep our outreaches and programs strong and thriving for the sake of the individuals we serve.

As we launch our new minor community-based program, partner with families in the community, and provide wrap-around care and case management for young trafficking survivors …

Your generous giving — today and in the future — empowers every effort.

Thank you for making a transformational difference in someone’s life. Thank you for your faithfulness!