By CEO Suzanne Lewis-Johnson

Perhaps you have heard about the recent recoveries of missing, sex-trafficked children in Georgia, Ohio, and Indiana. 

The news has startled many. But where some see horror, I find hope.

In a time where there is so much that divides, I am grateful for a light that is finally illuminating the children who have been invisible among us for far too long.

My former colleagues in law enforcement, and my colleagues at RAHAB, have struggled for years with the seeming invisibility of these children in our neighborhoods and nation — as well as the shortage of available resources to serve them.

These children are why I left the FBI for RAHAB. I left to be their voice. 

These are the children RAHAB serves … the ones we will serve across the country when we have the resources to replicate and multiply. These are the children who drive my brothers and sisters in blue to do what they do.

It takes a community to end the slavery of sex trafficking. Evil seeks to divide, delude, and destroy. But that is not how our story ends.

Together, people of faith, and those called to every sector of the community, will end the slavery. 

Day by day, battles are being won. Lives are being changed for all of eternity. And your support of our efforts makes it possible. Thank you!

Public speaking can be an intimidating undertaking. But, Connie stood proudly when she shared this heartfelt message at her recent graduation from RAHAB’s Adult Safe House. 

We’re honored to share her speech with you.

1 John 1:9: If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

This would never happen if it wasn’t for Jesus giving me a family to plant my feet firmly in. That family is RAHAB. I am a better person because of the friendship with the women [here]. They have encouraged me that my years to come will be rich and full in the Lord. They gave me hope for the future.

Each of you is a star that played a different role to get me here, so I thank each and every one of you.

1 John 3:16: This is how we have come to know love: He laid down his life for us. We should also lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.

I’ve been redeemed from my empty ways of life.

Dear Stars — each star that guided me along the way — thank you for being there in the night. Thank you for being with me in the [countless] problems. Thank you for keeping all the secrets. Thank you for helping heal my pain, burning inside. Thank you for never forgetting me, for always finding an excuse to remind me that I matter and you care about me, for making me feel special. 

Thank you for everything and everything you are. I love you all.

Connie has been involved in each of RAHAB’s outreaches — from our street outreach, prison ministry and Matthew Street drop in,  to our Adult Safe House and mentorship, she has been connected with our staff and volunteers — showing her unconditional love, believing in her and now celebrating this important next step.  Because of your prayers and generosity, we get to celebrate with you as Connie graduates and steps into her brand-new future. Thank you for empowering her to live a fuller, richer life!

*Name changed for protection

RAHAB’s work and impact in our communities is garnering some media attention.

As we fight together to end sexual exploitation and slavery, one thing remains clear: 

It’s not about being quoted in an article or seeing a RAHAB reference in the news … it’s about getting survivors to a place of healing, freedom, and hope in the light of God’s grace. We are grateful to you for your part in it all!

First of all: Thank you!

Celebrating the one-year-anniversary of Rebecca’s Place would not have been the same without you. Your support and prayers have been a so important to the young women RAHAB Ministries is reaching and restoring … individuals like Amy*.

Rebecca’s Place was full of banners, balloons, and celebration yet again — this time “Pomp and Circumstance” played as Amy walked out the front door in a graduation cap and gown, greeted by a cheering crowd of staff and residents alike. She walked down a red carpet to receive her hard-earned diploma from her dedicated teacher. 

Amy, as a resident, went from barely getting up for school to waking up on time regularly and even working until 9 p.m. some days. She completed 12 high school credits in only seven months, the credit equivalency of two years in high school! 

As she gave a speech from the front porch, Amy thanked all the staff for helping her stay motivated and believing in her even when she wanted to quit. Her graduation marks not only the closing of her high school education but also a new beginning for her — she’s stepping into another chapter of a completely transformed life!

Again, thank you for being part of it. Your partnership is blessing young women like Amy.

*Name changed for protection

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Now that children are heading back to school — whether in person or online — RAHAB has prioritized offering friends like you a practical and informative resource … 

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Knowing how predators routinely operate can help protect children and save lives.

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