Stark County Initiative:

Two New Drop-In Centers In 2020

Through ten years as an FBI Special Agent based in Stark County, I saw a desperate need for RAHAB in my own community. I encountered sex trafficked women and children who were crying out to God, desperate for someone to see them and give them hope for a different future. At the same time, I participated in meetings with human trafficking task forces, working groups and community partners, from law enforcement to courts to social service and medical care providers. Inevitably in these conversations, someone lamented on the need for RAHAB to expand capacity meet the need and fill the gaps in service in Stark County.

Suzanne Lewis-Johnson

CEO, RAHAB Ministries

RAHAB Impact 2019

Children Mentored

Women Served at Akron Drop-In Center

Women and Children Lived in RAHAB's Regional Safe Houses

In 2008, RAHAB opened the Drop-In Center in Akron, Ohio for
women who were broken, hopeless, and vulnerable.

In 2019, that Drop-In Center served 660 different women.
For 401 of them it was the first time they had connected with RAHAB.

The RAHAB Drop-In Center is not a facility. It’s not a food kitchen. It’s not a clothing closet.
It’s a safe and non-judgmental escape from the hopelessness experienced by
someone stuck in or vulnerable to the horror of sex trafficking.

Every one of those 660 women were introduced to the hope of Christ.
Countless women in Stark county are in need of this same hope and healing.

How To Get Involved

Volunteers change lives at RAHAB. Various volunteer opportunities are now available in Stark county from street and strip club outreach, to coordinating/sorting donations, to serving regularly at the new Stark county Drop-In Centers. RAHAB provides training for all volunteers. Sign up for the next training here.

Imagine you had nothing to your name. You wouldn’t be able to receive deeper emotional and eternal hope until your basic needs are met. Now imagine the relief of having a safe and nonjudgemental place you can go to have those needs met. You can provide that relief for a woman by donating any of the items on this list.

Knowledge is power. Ohio Human Trafficking (2905.32 Trafficking in persons) laws were passed in 2011. Since then, human trafficking has gotten more and more attention in the community. RAHAB has been working with survivors on the ground since 2002. That experience of working with survivors has enabled RAHAB to develop some of the most accurate, informed, and impactful training available. Request a speaker and connect RAHAB to your circle of influence.