Transitional Housing

…a life-changing next step for survivors.

          As RAHAB continues to offer hope and healing to victims and survivors of sex trafficking, the need for transitional housing has become abundantly clear. Those who have experienced trauma and addiction have long term needs – even after leaving a safe house environment. Transitional housing is a common need identified by organizations working with survivors of human trafficking. Over the years, RAHAB and community partners have found limited options for financially sustainable housing for survivors and believe transitional housing will fill a significant service gap and be a life-changing next step for survivors who need this level of care.


       RAHAB’s Transitional housing program offers life-changing support to survivors of commercial sexual exploitation through sustainable housing, case management, and mentorship in order to see women build healthy social supports and become financially independent. This network of like-minded community members includes churches, landlords, businesses, philanthropists, social service providers, and mentors who are dedicated to playing a critical role in a survivor’s journey to a healthy, empowered, and independent life.

How Does It Work?


1. Transitional housing with supplemental financial assistance to help cover the cost of rent that tiers down as the survivor becomes more self-sufficient.

2. Long-term holistic relational support through case management and mentoring.

3. Continued mental health, trauma, and addiction recovery as part of her case plan in partnership with community experts. 

How Can You Help?

Rent & Living Expenses

Become a committed financial partner of RAHAB and help cover the cost of rent, living expenses, and other needs as survivors get on their feet.


If you are a landlord, you can join our network to help provide affordable, quality housing in safe neighborhoods when a survivor is ready to live on her own.

Vehicles & Jobs

Survivors need reliable transportation and living wage jobs as they become independent & rebuild healthy lives. Help support their journey by joining our network to provide jobs & job training and/or used vehicles.

And of course, we always cherish your prayers

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