it starts with caring

RAHAB provides direct services to broken women. The majority of our resources go toward reaching these women in whatever situation they find themselves in. Our outreach teams walk the streets of Akron every week ministering and praying with the women we meet. These outreach teams also visit all Akron-area strip clubs once a month to develop relationships with the dancers.


delivering hope

It is only those who find themselves in helpless situations who need rescued. The word rescue requires intervention, although rescuing a woman from the streets is very different from rescuing someone who is drowning, for example. Familiarity, emotional ties, self-image, and fear keep victims of sexual exploitation from embracing hope. RAHAB aids in the long-term rescuing process by being a consistent voice reminding them that they are worth rescuing.


stories with meaning

RAHAB aims to provide every practical need while always pointing the women we work with toward a relationship with Jesus Christ. He alone is the redeemer. We encourage and support women in reclaiming their lives. We’ve seen women get custody of their children back, graduate college, and get great jobs. We’ve seen women go from believing they are worthless to walking in confidence.


The long red hair and freckles that made Angel so cute as a child became fuel for bullying by her adolescent peers.


A victim of molestation and abuse at age 4, Semadar was introduced as a pre-teen.



ESSENTIALS Training – January 2017 | 01.07.17

This training is the product of 14 years of experience and best practices from the experts in the field of anti-trafficking. We expect that everyone who wants to be involved in RAHAB Ministries to complete RAHAB TRAINING: ESSENTIALS. read more

Volunteer Orientation – January | 01.12.17

Considering getting involved with Rahab Ministries? Join us for the next monthly orientation session to explore your options. read more

Personalized Prayer Mapping | 01.20.17

Come and join us in a time of intense worship and training in targeted prayer for yourself or others around you. read more



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