Give now to offer hope & healing to exploited women & children!

Today, you can care for exploited and trafficked youth and women.

Sex trafficking is not an “out there” problem — it’s a “right here” problem. And with your tax-deductible donation today, you will join us in reaching out to survivors, helping to restore lives, and walk with them on the path to true healing!

Your donation can make these impacts:

    • $25 per month helps serve one survivor in our Outreach Program for a year
    • $50 per month helps serve one youth survivor in Minor Programming for a year
    • $100 per month allows RAHAB to celebrate joy with our survivors including birthdays, sobriety, new jobs, and so much more
    • $500 helps serve one survivor for a year in our Adult Drop-In Centers
    • $2,500 per month will serve a survivor in Restorative Housing for a year

Together, RAHAB served approximately 1,800 individual survivors in our programming in 2022. Your donation can help that number grow in 2023!



Multiply Hope Partner

When you partner with us through monthly giving, you are saying “Yes!” to seeing people set free from physical and spiritual captivity. Your monthly commitment empowers us to build relationships with women and girls on the streets. You are ensuring they do not remain invisible, that we can speak the Truth of their value and offer them safe places for Love, respite, for relationship and to become all they were created to be.

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