Volunteers make priceless contributions to the work of RAHAB. Volunteers may work behind the scenes offering services that significantly lower operating costs or may work directly with human trafficking survivors, providing a model of Christ’s love without asking for anything in return. We are deeply grateful for each person and organization who volunteers with RAHAB to shine the light of Jesus into the darkest places. 

Minor Mentor Program Intern at Selah’s Place in Akron

Requires application, additional training, and a minimum 10-hour a week commitment

This is an unpaid internship to provide general assistance, administrative support, and mentoring support. View the Intern Description and apply here.

Indirect Care Volunteer Support

Requires little training or paperwork to serve

  • Prayer teams – any area
  • Meal team – Drop-Ins, Selah’s Place and Strip Outreach
  • Weekly/bi-weekly cleaning team – Selah’s Place
  • Fundraising or in-kind donations – any area
  • Maintenance and construction – Drop-Ins
  • Landlords, employers, and car dealership support
Direct Care Volunteer Support

Requires paperwork and specialized training before serving

  • Drop-In Home volunteer – Canton, Akron
  • Selah’s Place volunteer – Akron, Cleveland
  • Strip Club Outreach team member – Canton, Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland
  • Street Outreach team member – Canton, Akron, Youngstown
  • *Jail Ministries team member – Akron
One-on-One Direct Care Volunteer Support

Requires additional paperwork, additional training, and a longer time commitment before serving

  • *Minor Mentor – Counties: Summit and Cuyahoga
  • Adult Mentor / Sponsor – Summit County

*Indicates a HIGH NEED area

Volunteer Application

If you would like to volunteer with RAHAB Ministries in any capacity, start by completing a volunteer application. A RAHAB staff member will be in touch afterward with the next steps!

Do you have questions about the process or are looking for another opportunity? Email [email protected]

Volunteer Handbook

Click here to review our current Volunteer Handbook.
All volunteers will read and agree to the policies of the handbook as part of their training process.


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Human Trafficking 101

Duration: 1 Hour

What it is: HT 101 is an essential teaching on the realities of human trafficking. In this course, we will illuminate the issues of sex trafficking, explain a generalized process for how someone becomes involved in trafficking, and provide practical insight of how trafficking takes place. We will also highlight what we know about traffickers, how someone becomes vulnerable to trafficking, and how demand for commercial sex fuels sex trafficking. By the end of this course, you will be able to articulate the needs and vulnerabilities of trafficking survivors and have knowledge of practical solutions

Who it is for: This course is offered to all members of the community who would like to understand human trafficking and is required for all of RAHAB’s volunteers and staff 

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