RAHAB Ministries office employees are high-capacity, self-starters who see their work as essential to the overall mission of providing hope to sex trafficking survivors. This small team collaborates to accomplish the administrative needs of the entire organization. 

Rebecca’s Place

The Rahab Minor House exists to provide mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing to female victims of commercial sexual exploitation through trauma informed care in order to enable productive reentry and sustainable success.

Adult Safe House

The RAHAB adult house is a safe, long-term residential home exclusively for victims of commercial sexual exploitation. We exist to provide Christ centered, cutting-edge trauma informed care that encourages holistic healing and enables successful, sustainable and independent living.

Drop-In Center

The RAHAB Drop-In Center is the heart and soul of RAHAB Ministries. At the Drop-In Center women can step out of the chaos into a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental space. Whether a woman needs a family-style meal, clothing she feels great in, or healthy community she can find it at the Drop-In Center.

Selah’s Place

RAHAB provides children who are victims of sex trafficking with transformational relationships through Minor Mentoring and RAHABs mentoring center, Selah’s Place. Employees of RAHAB Minor Mentoring are consistently compassionate, committed in prayer, and they care about the mentee more than the success of the mentee.