What We Do.


When you’ve been treated as a commodity, it takes a consistent, caring presence over time to convince you of the Truth of your value.  It takes real Love in action, investing in you and asking for nothing in return.  Our mentors commit to spending time each week with a RAHAB mentee.  In addition to our mentorship program for women, we partner with Restore Court, the first juvenile human trafficking docket certified by the Ohio Supreme Court.  RAHAB volunteers mentor girls and boys identified by the court as trafficked or at high risk.


Teams of trained volunteers hit the streets and visit strip clubs, delivering gift bags and home-cooked meals.  Women who feel trapped in a cycle of degradation often ask for prayer from the female volunteers who go into clubs, while the men on the teams wait, pray, and help with the logistics from outside.  Women in strip clubs have sought our help to escape from the downward spiral of being trafficked into prostitution.

Drop-in centers

Our adult drop-in center is intentionally right in the middle of the drug activity and prostitution.  Women stop in for family-style meals, Bible Studies, encouragement and friendship.  They shop the free clothes closet and receive donated hygiene items.  Women with community service requirements can contribute their hours here.  In some ways the non-descript house at 450 Matthew Street in Akron, Ohio combines the ways we serve women through our mentoring and outreach efforts.  Sometimes churches host block parties here and reach even more of the community.

Our juvenile drop-in center, Selah’s Place, is made possible by our partnership with Restore Court. Weekly programming and mentoring instill self-esteem and coping skills, as staff and volunteers strive to reflect the Love of Christ to girls identified by the court as trafficked or at high risk for trafficking.

Jail Ministries

Volunteers connect with incarcerated women through jail visits, writing letters and leading group Bible Studies.  Although the studies are optional, it is not unusual for more than half of the women in a facility to attend.  RAHAB volunteers commit to praying for a Pen Pal who is incarcerated or in rehab and to writing at least two encouraging letters a month. Volunteers can receive mail back via RAHAB’s PO Box. In an Our Daily Bread video, RAHAB staff member Angel, shared the impact of RAHAB Founder Becky Moreland’s jail visit to her years ago.

Safe Housing

We welcome women home to a secluded estate on former farmland, where a couple raised their family before selling their property to RAHAB below market price.  Many of our residents experience true family for the first time here.  We’re no longer surprised when we mark a birthday with cake and balloons and then one of our new family members tells us it’s the first birthday party she’s ever had.  While we partner with Emerge Counseling Services to provide therapy specific to the needs of each sex-trafficking survivor who lives here, everything we do, from cooking classes to exercise, is trauma informed.

We’ve completed construction of our juvenile safe house, named Rebecca’s Place after RAHAB Founder Becky Moreland.  Now we’re working to transform our house into a home by securing the licensure and funding that will enable us to bring in programming and staff to open the doors to children ages 11 to 17.

Education, Training and Inspiration

Education and training are key to preventing and identifying human trafficking.  And while human trafficking is an atrocity, the transformations Truth and Love bring are inspiring.  Our people have spoken to faith-based retreats, state-wide conferences, large corporations, top hospitals, prosecutors, law enforcement, first-responders, school in-services, students, businesses and many others. Contact us, if you’d like to request a speaker.