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Throughout 2022, the people of RAHAB did hard work. The season was one of strength and alignment between staff, leadership, volunteers, community partners, and our board. We also spent the year remembering RAHAB’s history of the past 20 years and celebrating all the ways God has worked through this ministry and these people. We closed 2022 welcoming a new CEO to our team– one with deep roots in RAHAB, Jaime Blair.

Jaime came to this position with 8 years of connection to RAHAB Ministries. In that time, she has served as a community partner, a board member, and an outreach volunteer. She has also enjoyed the beautiful privilege of mentorship from our founder, Becky Moreland!

Jaime’s hope for this next season of RAHAB is that our team will be UNIFIED—spiritually, relationally, and in focus on our mission to love well. She also hopes we will continue to look for and engage the JOY of this work, even in the midst of the dark and heavy. Read more of Jaime’s heart and vision for 2023 in this letter.

Over the coming months, we are excited to get to know Jaime better and to continue to share her heart for this ministry with all of you. Thank you for your faithfulness in every season of RAHAB.

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